Integrated Digital Systems (IDS) has been in the forefront of GIS technology for over a decade now. We at IDS recognized the fact that the application of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) opens up exciting possibilities in raising management techniques to new heights.

And it has been our constant endeavor since our inception to make people understand what GIS is all about, what it is capable of doing and what difference this technology can achieve. We have been successfully pursuing this purpose through an organization focused on GIS.

And today many companies and government organizations have found that GIS can be an invaluable asset in rational decision making.

IDS operate in the vertical segment of Bilateral Assisted Projects, Telecom, FMCG and Defense.

Our understanding the GIS coupled with applications required for the defence segment and in-house software development expertise has led us to expand our horizon to Real-Time Visual Simulation solutions. And today, not only we are providing cutting edge technologies to the defence segment but also setting high standards of implementation.

Business Charter

We build useful applications and carry it from concept to implementation. This involves conceptualization; prospect identification; concept and need synthesis; understanding of information needed for decisions; categorization and evaluation of existing data; specification of new GIS & Visual database and finally implementation. It also involves development of custom software and training to suit individual requirements.

We strive to deliver the best price performance solutions. We actively participate with our client for a successful implementation.


We have an excellent and capable team for a total support in GIS & Real-Time Visual Simulation. Our expertise includes - critical map conversions; database creation; 3D Terrain database; application development; training and continued support.

Cutting Edge Technologies

IDS distributes cutting edge software technologies from the following world-renowned companies

  1. Symmetry : Terrain Reuse; GenesisIG : 3D Image Gen; GenesisMP : 3D Stealth & GenesisRT from Cogent3D.
  2. Flames Constructive Simulation Framework from Ternion Corporation
  3. MapInfo, Vertical Mapper & MapXtreme Web GIS from Pitney Bowes MapInfo.
  4. Comm Net Radio(CNR) from Calytrix Technologies.
  5. Alteryx Business Intelligence Solution from Alteryx, Inc.